Saving Grace Tutors Now Offers Private at Home Therapy Sessions.

We have partnered with Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists and Educational Psychologists who are in House Saving Grace Tutors Therapists to offer the following services:

Occupational Therapy

Speech Therapy 

Educational Psychologist

All our services are at your home, Our Therapist comes to your home to offer your child the therapy session required.

Our services include amongst others:

Eduprofiling: Genetic Brain Profile(can be tested from ages 3 and onward )

Fine Motor Therapy Programme:

Gross Motor Therapy Programme

Perceptual Therapy  Programme

Perceptual Therapy Programme

Behavioural Therapy 

Stress and Anxiety Management in Kids 

Learning Difficulties

YOGA for Kids 

Dance Movement Therapy 

Our Therapy Sessions are between 30 Minutes, 45 Minutes or 1 hour sessions.

We require all our clients to book four Session for the therapy session to be effective to assist your child need. 


For more information about our Therapy Session Service please fell free to request a quote .



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