Looking for an Au Pair ?

We at Saving Grace Tutors are dedicated to finding you the perfect au pair who is
inspired to grow, love and develop your children to lead extraordinary lives. One who
is congruent with your family’s personality, values and approach to raising your
Our screening process is known to be the most thorough in the industry- it includes criminal
checks, personality testing, premium social media screening, credit checks, ID and Drivers
verification and structured interviews. We take special care in matching candidates to each
family according to their individual specifications, personality and values. Leave it to us to
help you find the perfect fit.


How it works 

Complete our online Au Pair Request Form and one of our agents will contact you within 12
hours to discuss your needs. We will do an Au Pair match based on your requirements of
Au Pairs in your area. We will then send you pre-screened CV’s matching your needs for
you to review. Choose who you’d like to interview and we will take care of the rest.
1. Complete a Au Pair request form
2. Tell us about your needs
3. Review pre-screened CV’s
4. Interview
5. Hire


Agency Fees

Please note that all placement fees are once off, and payable before the au pair starts
working for you.
We offer two types of placements-permanent and temporary placements.
Fees for Permanent Placements-10% of annual salary

Fees for Temporary Placements:
6-12 Months-10% of total income
3-6 Months-15% of total income
1-3 Months-20% of total income


What duties can you expect from your Au Pair?

Each family will have different expectations of an au pair. Below are common duties,
although your personal requirements can be discussed with your au pair:
 providing nurturance, care, stimulation and companionship for your children
 fetching your children from school
 transporting your children to extra murals, therapies, doctor’s appointments etc.
 supervising and assisting with homework
 liaising with teachers, coaches and therapists on your behalf
 arranging and supervising play dates
 purchasing necessities for, and assisting with, projects and assignments
 running errands for you
 grocery shopping on your behalf
 engaging in intellectually stimulating play and activities with your children
 preparation of meals for your children
 babysitting and weekend work by prior arrangement



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