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Review for Company Loans

Hello, No one understands your business needs better than you do. However, to realise your vision for your business means having the capital at your disposal to make those critical decisions. In today’s changing economic landscape this is true more than ever. In these uncertain times we’d love to help you thrive by making it easy, fast and effortless to obtain the capital you need. Applying for funding to grow your business usually requires meetings that take time out of your schedule and it can be a long tedious process. You need a quick and simple solution that you can use from the comfort of your own space. We would like to offer you a premium funding service whether it’s to expand your business or a loan to implement your business plan. Funding that offers flexible repayment terms and possibly the best interest rate available. No unncessary hassles, time wasters or hoops to jump through. Get started today and let us help you grow your business. To learn more please visit our website

Review for Michael van Rooyen

Hi, We have the means for you to generate more clients! No more wasting resources through “spray and pray” advertising. 1) Custom data – Want anyone that likes Land rover? Kruger national park? If there is a community, we can market to it. Let us supply you the data. Direct data campaigns. If you don’t know who you are looking for, how will you know when you find them? Tell us your ideal customer and lets see if we can find it! 2) Our B2B Database. Once off database of almost a million companies in South Africa. 3) Verifications – Have phone numbers and need them verified? We get that contactability to a 100% 4) Campaigns, SMS / Email / etc. We can help you. It all starts with the right data. We would love to tell you more. For any further assistance, please call or email us. “A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time.” Michael van Rooyen 065 837 2339

Review for George Martin

Would you be interested in submitting a guest post on or possibly allowing us to submit a post to ? Maybe you know by now that links are essential to building a brand online? If you are interested in submitting a post and obtaining a link to , let me know and we will get it published in a speedy manner to our blog. Hope to hear from you soon George

Review for Ida Provost

Hey, savinggracetutors! Want to be Instagram cool? If you’re like me, you have rummaged through Instagram, thinking “how do so many friggin people get so famous”? Now, imagine that it’s Friday and you’ve just woken up from a sound slumber. You roll over in bed to check your cell. Open the Instragram App. Hmmm, you think, Over 561 likes on one picture. You put your fuzzy slippers on and head to the kitchen for some tea. After putting on the kettle, you pull out your phone again. Bam! Another 63 likes. Here comes another one. This time it’s not a like but a message from one of your followers. They commend you on your success and let you know they love scrolling through your content. As you read it, you begin to smile. It’s a really hot person, and they love your posts. Within minutes, your phone buzzes AGAIN. It is another message coming in. You glance up at the clock–almost time for the gym. You’ll have to hit them up later. Listen, savinggracetutors, most people just are not in control of their life. Seriously, they can’t even get themselves to have a balanced brekky, much less hit the gym. I’m going to show you how to take control of your Instagram. Now, what if you increased your engagement by 100%, or 1000%? It’s not difficult to do, although almost no one does. Just check out our website. There, you will learn how to garner Instagram followers and likes like mad…without even trying. Automagically see tons of likes on your images just minutes after posting. The “Top Post” section, all of a sudden, doesn’t seem that far away. Sound too good to be true? Here’s what you’ve got to do to get a taste: 1. Click 2. Plug in your Instagram username. 3. The three pictures you posted last will get 10 – 15 likes. Just like that. Being a regular staple on that page will accelerate your growth 10x, easy. But if you want the fame, you’ve got to reach for it. Are you ready? Happy image-uploading.

Review for BrianTweme
Place your Business/Website on 54 Social Media Networks

Ads54 is an innovative solution by His Majesty Software Ltd; it is an online platform where business owners make their business known to the world. Ads54 places your business on 54 different social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Whatsapp, Google etc How is this so? We have more than 50,000 promoters sharing Ads on various social media; more than 20,000 publishers placing your Ads on their websites and blogs. Thus with an army of over seventy thousand promoters and publishers, we create trends and flood the cyber space with your brand and help you reach as many people as you wish even up to one million people per day. Ads54 uses specific social media outlets to build relationships and tell your story. Visit:

Review for James Taylor

Hello, You can now get a complete list of all your website visitors within the last 12 months using the new Web Leads 2.0 Extension. The Web Leads report contains all company names, addresses, phone numbers, websites, contact person, email addresses, and important metrics that track your website’s most popular pages. For more details and free access, visit the link below. Sincerely, Fastbase [Extension to Google Analytics]

Review for Grade 11 Biology Tutoring
Happy With Biology Tutor

It is with our greatest pleasure and appreciation to inform you that Lesedi received 80% on her Life Science test written on Tuesday last week. She has expressed gratitude towards Lisa from the 1st lesson… please send our sincere thankfulness and appreciation to Lisa 🌟 ⭐️…

Review for Grade 6 Maths
Grade 6 Maths

Thank you to Readan, my son’s maths results improved a lot. Thank you to the entire team for being so professional and understanding

Review for Matric Prelims & Finals
Passing matric

Even though student did not pass term 1- 3 he was able to pass Matric finals in all subjects with admission to a diploma – tutoring enabled that. A saving grace!!

Review for Maths, Science and Accounting
Thank you Saving Grace Tutors

Saving Grace tutors are amazing. Thank you for your professionalism, understanding and going beyond your call of duty. Thank you for helping my son with his grade 12. May God bless you beyond measure as your company grows from strength to strength.

Review for Saving Grace tutors
Nkhensani Chauke-Malinga

Saving grace has been a saving Grace for my children. Thank you so much for tutoring both my kids in Maths, French, English and Natural sciences. We will continue to count on you in 2019.

Review for Home schooling for GCSE Extended
GCSE Tutoring - Thank you Saving Grace

Saving Grace is outstanding! I cannot thank you enough for the quick action you took when my son needed to start home schooling early 2018. The tutors were absolutely outstanding and my son was so much better prepared for his exams this year. We are continuing with you in 2019 and look forward to it!

Review for Maths and Science Tutoring
Grade 10 Maths and Science

I want to take this opportunity to thank John for all his efforts – he really was the best match for my son. They worked extremly well together and he was able to explain Maths & Science in a new way that my son could understand and give him a renewed passion for the subject and interest too. Thank you very much John!”

Review for Homework Assistance
Thank you for the homework assistance.

Just to give you an update, my daughter has shown an incredible improvement in her school work. For English, she attained a mark of 71% and 70% for Maths. I can say with confidence that I made the right choice in choosing your company. Many thanks again to both Fathima and Saving Grace Tutors for showing continued hard work and dedication to my daughter.

Review for Grade 9 Tutoring
Thank You Saving Grace Tutors

Thank you so much for coming to my rescue and assisting my son with Maths and Accounting this year. He was really struggling until I contacted SGT. Amazing tutors and service was exceptional. We will definitely be back in 2019.

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